• Image of Green Infusion Jacket   SW5048
  • Image of Green Infusion Jacket   SW5048

Matching jacket (or not!) for our amazing legging FW6000.
Jacket is made with the same black supplex, so it's very stretchy and comfortable. You will NOT go unnoticed!

Leggings are sold separately.

In Stock and delivered for Christmas!!

Bust: S 17.5" M 18.5" L 19.5" XL 20.5"

Length: S 25" M 26" L 27" XL 27"

Sleeves: S 24.5" M 24.5" L 25" XL 25"

Measurements are approximate and since the fabric is very stretchy, the fit will depend how tight you like your jacket! Plus, if you buy it and it doesn't fit. No problem. We will take it back!

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